Okhaemwen (Benin Chief) Oguega Dr. Daryl Peavy JD is the High Priest of Aro Oronmila, USA. Chief received his Benin kingdom and Esan/Uroh Kingdom chieftaincy titles, as well as training and initiations in do State, Nigeria, doland from 1996 to the present. Chief is a registered Licensed Practitioner by the do State, Nigeria Traditional Medical Practitioners Board. He is an Ob’Oronmila (doctor of Orunmila), Ob’Oguega (doctor of Oguega/Ominigbọn ), Ohen Osun (Benin priest of Osun), Ohen Ogun (Benin priest of Ogun) Ohen Eiziza (Benin priest of Eziza) Ohen Isango (Benin priest of Isango) Ohen Olokun (Benin priest of Olokun) and Ogiason (Benin wizard & Mystim). Chief is also a scholar, researcher, with presentations at Harvard University as well as other institutions of Higher learning. He is a lecturer and author of “Kings, Magic & Medicine”. Also, Chief is High Priest of Aroẹbọ Ọbanason N’Ędo (Night Temple) USA. In addition, in his efforts to promote the values of Benin culture, he is the Director of Setin Ima Rites (We Are Capable) Rites of Passage program.

My background prior to my studies of do culture, religion, spirituality and magical sciences stems from my grandmother who was a hoodoo practitioner and seer from Louisiana. My pursuit of indigenous African studies was heavily influenced by a remark that one of my grade school teachers made to me. When I spoke about my grandmother’s hoodoo, the teacher kindly instructed me that I meant voodoo, not hoodoo! At that point I realized that there are many misunderstandings about African and African American traditions. I decided to dedicate myself to this life long study of the African Mystery Schools.

I also possess degrees in anthropology, Pan African studies and Law. However, my many years of researching and studying Edo religion is not remotely comparable to the elders back in do land. According to an do proverb,” the eye of the foreigner can be as wide as a tray, but cannot see as much as the native whose eyes are as small as the eye of a needle.”ba gha tok pere, Ise!

Contact Chief Oguega for consultations and magical work at peavy_daryl@yahoo.com.

In 2007, Chief Oguega received the chieftaincy title of “Ene Uloshi of Uroh” in Uroh Kingdom, Esanland, Edo State  Nigeria

Chief Dr. Daryl

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