“Empowering women and men through the secrets of African mystical sciences, revelations, practical processes, as well as applications for increased intuitive understanding of African spirituality, and its influences on Asian mysticism and relation to spirit, mind and body through the lens and teachings of an African wizard.” Chief Oguega–Benin wizard

Learn how to enhance Your;

  • Self Confidence
  • Self Discipline
  • Self Defense

All of the above areas (self confidence, self discipline, self defense) are enhanced (spiritually, mentally, physically) through an African holistic science method.

Ogun Priest

Seminar Focus: “OGUN FROM THE WOMB

Topics Discussed

  • Preparation
  • Awareness
  • Introspection
  • Stress Management
  • Emotions
  • Energy Systems
  • Strategic Offensive & Defensive Concepts






Atlanta, Georgia Bookings Available! Contact: 404 587 5096


















Published by: chiefdrdaryl

African researcher, scholar, historian, art dealer, author, diviner, traditional Benin Chief, traditional Esan Chief, Ogiason (Benin Wizard & Mystic), Obo/native doctor, Ob'Oguega (doctor of Oguega oracle), Ob'Oronmila (doctor of Oronmila/Orunmila/Babalawo), Benin Esu priest, Benin Osun priest, Benin Olokun priest, Benin Eziza priest, Benin Isango/Shango priest.

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