Okhaemwen Enobore Ohovbe Benin Kingdom Daryl Peavy


Obokhian tie Chief Dr. Daryl’s Blog

Obokhian means welcome in do language, the language of Great Benin. Obokhian is a greeting said many times throughout a conversation to guest when they come to visit. Evbee or the honored kola nut is given to our honored guest as well. The saying “he who brings kola, brings life!” is always applicable. Obokhian!

This site is dedicated to the ancient, spiritual, religious and magical traditions of Great Benin kingdom. Great Benin, an African kingdom that continues to exist today with its paramount traditions and belief system intack.

Similar to many other African cultures and their practice of traditional African mysticism, Great Benin has been influenced by the ancient magical and mystical practices of KMT, better known as Egypt from our ancient mother, Africa.

One of Africa’s greatest warrior cultures, the practitioners of traditional African magio-medicines were and are incorporated into the highest echelons of the traditional government.

Many of the articles on this site are from my book entitled “Kings, Magic & Medicine”. It’s about the interaction of magic, medicine and Benin kings–the divine traditional government and how the people of Great Benin prospered with traditional values, in the history of the ancient Great Benin kingdom. Obokhian!

Uruese or thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Obokhian!

Oba gha tokpere, ise! Long life to the king of Benin, amen



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