Vital Force of Transformation is an energy that circulates between spirit; world and earth, that manifests itself through willed change in the physical world. African magic has incorporated this concept in spirituality and religion since ancient times. Many societies recognize this concept through various religious/spiritual thought. From ancient Africa (Egypt/Kmt) and its outgrowths, India, China to the Maya the ability to transform is central to its deities, prophets and sages. However, it is through traditional African society where this ideology permeates.

One of the many ways in which vital force is manifested is at the end of prayers. The Edo call it Ise and the Yoruba Ase. It is used in prayers, incantations and magical preparations to make thought manifest.  It is interchangeable with the Kmt word “Amen”. However, the intensity in which the word is employed demonstrates that the forces of transformation are invoked for the immediate manifestation of the objective. The intent is “may our words make a willed change” or transformation to manifest in the physical world.

The prophets or sages were able to harness this vital force emanating from the spiritual world to preform memorable wonders. Thus, uniting the replication of both realities. Through vital force, Osiris was able to resurrect from the dead. Buddha was able to transcend reincarnation. Orunmila was able to overpower the witches. And Moses to part the Red Sea. The tales are vast when it comes to expressing examples of vital force being willed to accomplish change in the physical realm. In African oral history, there are many more stories of prophets parting waters, drying up rivers and lakes, starting and stopping fires by willed thought, etc.,

The practice of developing Vital Force of Transformation continues in Africa through initiation into priesthoods such as Ifa and Ebo/Orisa. In the process of initiation, (Ise/Ase vital force of transformation) is placed in the initiate’s head in order for him/her to communicated effectively with their deity, as well as to preform spiritual work requiring enhanced spiritual power of Transformation. This procedure, along with years of training, places the priest on the level of a mystic or magi, having the ability to work magic or transformation through willed change. However, even with the enhance vital force of transformation, the Ise/Ase can be further enhance through medicines/magic, prayer, incantations, concentration exercises, meditation, breathing and diet. Futhermore, one does not have to be an initiate to African religion to enhance Vital Force of Transformation. Yogic breathing, meditation, as well as Chi Kung can assist in its development. However, upon reflection, these sciences can trace their origin ro Africa as well. Africa, the originator of spirituality, religion is the primary source for the realization of transformation. Transformation is the process of changing one form of energy into another state. This process has been also known by many names. Alchemy is one of them. Transformation is one of the main tenants of spiritual science.

Some of the ways a priest or even a novice can enhance their development of vital force of transformation is to have a diet of fresh foods. Engage in holistic exercises like yoga, chi kung. Eat some of the vital force enhancing foods such as kola nut. A daily routine of meditation on you Owiha/Odu. Chanting and incantations.

Stay tuned to my upcoming book of “Vital Force of Transformation” changing energy from one state into some other. ll give steps for the initiate as well as the uninitiated to enhance Vital Force of Transformation.


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  1. This is where I have come to in my personal development. There are great spiritual powers I have been given in my dreams, but I don’t know how to transform them to manifest in the physical.
    Please help me.

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