Guardian Angel (Ehi) & Reincarnation

Itan Edo (Edo proverb): One cannot master how to walk with one’s Guardian Angel spirit; when you are in his front he says you are making him to walk to fast; when you are behind him he complains that you are treading on his heels.
“A igue okhian ne ehi; a gha karo ne o we a tua iren okhian; a gha ke iyeke ne o we a solo iren owe.”
Guardian Angel (Ehi) & Reincarnation
Ewawa/Osiru Divination
In the traditional worldview of the people of the Great Benin (Edo) kingdom, every person has a personal guardian angel or counterpart that resides in heaven
The Edo (Great Benin) word for Guardian Angel is Ehi.  Your Guardian Angel takes a special interest in your welfare from the time your in heaven and is at your side when you predestine. Predestiny is were a person goes before the Supreme Being (Osanobua) and declares what he or she wishes to accomplish in their turn of recincarnation in the physical world. The Supreme Being, a benevolent king in the spiritual world, stamps his approval with a divine mace in an act called ise or ashe. Your Guardian Angel serves as a witness to the request and assists you in remembering your predestined goals as well as attaining them. In heaven and on earth, the Guardian Angel follows you like a shadow, observing your every move. Many times it is the Guardian Angel that sends messages through dreams to help alert you to posing problems or to realign you with your predesitined goals. Sacrifices are made to  the Guardian Angel through your personal deity known as the Uhunmwun (Head). In Great Benin, sacrifices are made annually in a public and private ceremonies during the festive occasion called Igue.
Similar to many African traditional cultures, the people of Great Benin believe in the concept of reincarnation. The person and Ehi goe through an alternate reincarnation cycle for 7 times each or a total of 14 reincarnations. In other words, each entity gets a chance to be a person and a guardian angel througout the cycle of reincarnation, looking after each others well being. At birth, there is a namng ceremony and diviners determine who has  returned in the reincarnation cycle and what their name should be. Many names reflect who has returned. You can read more about Ehi and Edo cosmology in my book entitled “Kings, Magic & Medicine”. It can be previewed and purchased on or
Most societies believe in the concept of a Guardian Angel in some form or manner. However, the Edo view of a Guardian Angel (Ehi) has some unique qualities that differentiate it from many. The Edo culture’s philosophy and interpretation of Ehi (Guardian Angel) is quite in-depth and very intimate. The Edo Guardian Angel has a vested interest that depends upon how well his alternate performs on earth. Thus, it is to the Guardian Angel’s benefit that the person fulfills his goals. The Guardian Angel is an ever-present companion that works in heaven as well as on earth for the benefit of his alternate as well as indirectly for his own eventual reincarnation. Thus, through the alternate cycle of birth and rebirth, in turn, each person gets the benefit of wisdom and guidance from his unique and personal Guardian Angel when properly petitioned.
Walk in accord with your Guardian Angel!
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3 thoughts on “Guardian Angel (Ehi) & Reincarnation”

  1. Great job Chief I find this information both useful and enlightening and many questions about spirit are answered in a way that fits my african sensibilities. Thank
    you and FYI I am enjoying you book also.

    Griot Kwabena Bernard Jones

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