Great Benin Traditional Medicine/Magic

Great Benin is an African kingdom that at its height was a vast empire that streched across Western Africa. Great Benin is known around the world for it’s supurb artwork. However, in Africa, it is also known for its divine kings,  mystical and magical warriors, native doctors, priests, wizards and witches. At the forefront is the practice of traditional medicine/magic. When its army marched, Great Benin’s reputation for its vast knowledge of wizardry prompted its enemies to flee upon hearing the war drums and chants.

Similar to many African civilizations, Great Benin’s traditional medicine/magic practitioners were masters of alchemy. Transformation and transfiguration where major concepts that were practiced fervently. Many practitioners were able to escape dangers by transforming into animals or disappearing into another realm of existence.
Medicines or magic was classified into protective and harming medicines. Each classification had many functions ranging from physical to spiritual practices. There were protective medicines for poisonous bites by scorpions, snakes to poisonous arrows. Harming medicines involved both the physical and spiritual realm as well. From physical poisoning to a spiritual attack from afar. There were also medicines for fevers, colds, pregnancy, etc. Medicines also included attracting lovers, money and good fortune. Most native doctors used some sort of divination in a holistic manner to find the causes of illness to ascertain whether its origin was from a physical or spiritual manifestation.
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2 thoughts on “Great Benin Traditional Medicine/Magic”

  1. I just ordered some High John the Conqueror root and the
    oil to put on it. Traditionaly it was said to give power and
    good fortune as well as sexual prowess. I am looking for
    suggestions on how to use it and if there are any no-no’s
    or caution’s I should be aware of. I know that it is also called ST John’s Wart but is it also called our African Prince?

    1. Greeting Griot Kwabena Bernard,
      I first would like to congratulate you on your pursuit of Traditional African Medicine. John the Conqueror, High John the Conqueror, or John de Conquer are some of the names the hoodoo root is known by. African Prince refers to one of the stories about John the Conqueror. There is a different between John the Conqueror root and St. John’s wort. John the Conqueror root is a tuber and St. John’s wort is a thin and thread-like root. They also perform different functions. A contraindication is that the root is not for ingestion–it is an extremely powerful laxative. The root is used mostly in magical preparations The root is primarily used to bring good fortune, draw money and improve sexual prowess. In hoodoo traditions, the root is place in a red flannel mojo bag.
      This is just a general explanation for preparation. A word of caution, be quite sure of what you are intending on accomplishing. Always be sure of what you wish for. it is important to have the correct mindset and energy. The magical preparation will take on the energy that its preparer has. Before preparation, make invocation to the God Almighty, ancestors and to the root for the purpose in which you will use it. Invocation is used to transform the roots energy into the required state for use. Make the preparation according to the desired use. For example money drawing, enhanced sexual power or good luck.
      Chief Dr. Daryl

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