ABOUT Chief Dr. Daryl M. Peavy JD

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Chief Dr. Daryl M. Peavy JD aka Chief Oguega is an African scholar, researcher, author, art dealer, traditional title-holder, native doctor (ob’oguega), Babalawo, Eziza, Esu, Osun priest and Hoodoo practitoner.

Chief Dr. Daryl was born in Akron, Ohio USA and raised by a Louisiana French-Creole grandmother. Chief Daryl’s grandmother was a hoodoo practitioner as well as a medium. Chief Daryl grew up under her tutelage, exposing him to the spiritual realm, and herbal knowledge.

Afterwards, Chief Daryl studied Traditional African religion (Lucumi) as practiced in the New World. In search for further and expanded training, Chief Daryl studied Traditional Edo Medicine under a Esan native doctor. In 1997, Chief Daryl went to Esan land in Edo State, Nigeria to continue his research in African traditional medicine, especially oguega divination, as well as focusing on, Ewawa and Ifa oracles, as well as the Great Benin Kingdom.

Chief was awarded the traditional title of Okhaemwen (Chief) in Ohovbe Idumưun, Benin Kingdom, as well as Okhaemon (Chìe) in Ulóhi kingdo, Esan land, Edo State, Nigeria.

Chief completed degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Pan African Studies, and Law. Chief holds a Traditional Medical Practitioners License in Edo State Nigeria. He is a member of the United Africa Traditional Medicine Association Board of Nigeria. Chief is the current director of Setin Ima “We are Câpable” Rites of Passage Program. Chief Daryl wasthe Director of the Iwa Pele African Drum & Rites of Passage Center located in the historic George Washington Carver Village in Savannah, Georgia. In 2009, Chief Daryl returned to Nigeria to continue research on the Iha Ominigbon/Oguega and Ifa divination system. The book entitled “Kings, Magic, & Medicine” is a result of his research over the years and the dynamics of traditional values, mores, and culture in making great empires. Chief Daryl seeks to re-awaken the great moral and spiritual traditions of Africa.

My background prior to my studies of Edo religion stems from my grandmother who was a hoodoo practicioner from Louisiana. I also possess degrees in anthropology, Pan African studies and Law. However, my many years of researching and studying Edo religion is not remotely comparable to the elders back in Edo land. According to an Edo proverb,” the eye of the foreigner can be as wide as a tray, but cannot see as much as the native whose eyes are as small as the eye of a needle.”  Oba gha tok pere, Ise!

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C. Jones Books, Coffee & Teas, Cleveland, 216 577 4171

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http://shop.owaafrikanmarket.com/Kings-Magic-Medicine-d23749234.htmContact Chief Daryl :peavy_daryl@yahoo.com

Chief Daryl


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Chief Dr. Daryl



Published by: chiefdrdaryl

African researcher, scholar, historian, art dealer, author, diviner, traditional Benin Chief, traditional Esan Chief, Ogiason (Benin Wizard & Mystic), Obo/native doctor, Ob'Oguega (doctor of Oguega oracle), Ob'Oronmila (doctor of Oronmila/Orunmila/Babalawo), Benin Esu priest, Benin Osun priest, Benin Olokun priest, Benin Eziza priest, Benin Isango/Shango priest.

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  1. Dear Daryl,

    Please send me your phone number asap.

    I would like to get 6 copies of your book at the wholesale price to sell them on the site.

    thank you

    Congrats on the book

    BTW, nice picture

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